A collaborative partnership with Binghamton University and Indiana University looking at integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) into the home environment.

Families Engineering Together in Communities and at Home

The Families Engineering Together program serves as a bridge between families and learning environments of all kinds and provides a pathway for engineering design to be incorporated into the everyday lives of families and kids. View the Facilitator Guide to get started with this program.


“I guess from my perspective, since this program, I feel like everything is like an engineering idea now…like I feel like it opened up her ways of thinking. Like, she’ll be clicking a pen and five seconds later I’ll look over and the pen will be apart and she’ll be like “Mom, look at this cool mechanism or what do you think of this?” and I think it just helped her think of the world differently. So yeah, I could totally see her being an engineer now.”


“I actually think she’s in a better position now to actually help me with stuff around the house. Like if I’m working on the lawn mower or something like that, it’s not going to just be completely foreign…there are definitely opportunities there. There are a slate of things we can be doing.”


About the Collaborative Project

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Our goal is to develop, implement, and refine a program for integrating engineering design practices with an emphasis on emerging technologies and utilization of recyclable materials into home environments of families. There are currently two components of this project – engineering kits that can be completed in any environment, particularly in home environments, and the identification and development of distinct, personal engineering projects.

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Examples of the Personal Projects

“My project was meant to help people in third world countries or people who can’t afford electricity in their homes. The solution was to make small solar panels so people would have energy for appliances necessary for everyday living.” (Zac)

“My project is a remote controlled delivery robot to help people who can’t get out of bed or are sick…I was thinking about someone in a nursing home or something like that. My solution was to build a robot and program it to go to each of the rooms in our house in the morning.” (Cindy)

“Our project is a soap dispenser that will use all the soap. A lot of times when it gets to the bottom, the straw cannot reach that last bits of soap.” (Beth)

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